Thursday, August 25, 2011

Parent Homework

We are off to a great start in Language Arts. I can already tell this is a great group of readers and writers, and we are going to have a fantastic year together!

I would like parents to complete an assignment for me. At your earliest convenience, please send me a letter about your child. This letter can be as short or long as you feel necessary. It would be beneficial for me to have some information about your child’s past experiences with reading and writing. Other ideas for this letter would be his/her interests, learning style, personality, feelings about reading and writing, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, goals you have for your child in the area of literacy, and anything else you think would help me teach your child.

You may send letter via email or in a sealed envelope. Thank you for taking time to do this as I know your family lives are busy!

Thank you!! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Mrs. Wetzel

Hmmm... who is this Mrs. Wetzel? What will she be like? What does she do when she's not at school?

Here are a few of my "stats":

My family: Mr. Wetzel, my husband, teaches P.E. at Shuler Elementary. He loves to play and watch sports... a lot! He coaches tennis at Waukee and teaches tennis lessons in the summer. Zaida is our four-year-old. She is full of spunk, loves to entertain us, and is the most inquisitive child I've met. Ryder is almost a year and a half and is a BOY through and through. If he's not climbing, running, or throwing a ball he's cuddled up with a book. Buddy is our rat terrier and the best dog we've ever had. We love to do things as a family!

My teaching: I began teaching 3rd grade in Ankeny, then moved to Orlando, Florida, to teach 4th grade. I returned to central Iowa to Waukee, where I've been teaching at Waukee Elementary, Waukee Middle School, and now South Middle School. I am in my 10th year of teaching.... wow! (I can't believe it!) I completed a Master's in Education in the summer of 2008, and am continuing to take classes to learn, learn, learn. :)

Me: I feel so blessed to have the family at home and teaching position at school that I have! I get to work with the coolest kids all day, and then go home to the coolest family each night. How did I get to be so lucky!?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's a pleasure to bring you this blog as a way to showcase all the awesome things that are going on in our classroom. Please check back frequently to see what we are up to in language arts. (I will occasionally blog about my family, too!) Happy reading!

:)Mrs. Wetzel